A Unique Conference to Attend – Wedding MBA

Wedding MBA

For the past 2 years, I attended the Wedding MBA in Las Vegas, which is a conference geared towards helping ALL wedding vendors (DJ’s, Florists, Venues etc.), and not just Professional Photographers.   If you’re a business minded photographer looking to grow your business, improve profits and customer satisfaction this is a great conference to attend.

Keynote speakers include the founder of The Knot providing insight into wedding trends and metrics, while the CMO of WeddingWire delivers valuable advice about which social media channels are most important and how to successfully promote your brand on social media.

Back Up to the Album

Back up to the album

These days everyone seems concerned with security in their digital world. How do we keep our image catalogs and documents safe and away from prying eyes or bad actors? Storage media tend to become outdated and unsupported after a few years. Remember those floppy disks, zip drives and micro drives? DVD’s and thumb drives seem to be next in line for the digital museum. The “cloud” has taken over as the new storage of choice with Apple, Google and a parade of other tech companies offering gigs of personal storage for free. Yet on some level clouds become the digital equivalent of the two car garage that has no room for any cars. You know you’ve got a lot of “important” stuff out there, but you tend to forget what you really have, you can’t put your hands on it in quickly if you wanted to, and it’s always one move away from being forgotten and left behind or inadvertently tossed in the trash.


As photographers in the digital age we all too often provide our clients with digital files and leave it up to them to determine the best way to display them and keep them safe. Digital delivery is certainly the most expedient and often the most economical option available. Too often albums and prints are left for a la cart purchases that come later or, sadly, never.

And the survey says…


The Photographers Pulse Survey Results are here! Zookbinders loves to work with Photographers and find ways to make you more profitable. We conducted this survey to get the feel, or “pulse”, of the photography industry from the people who know it best… You! Here is what your fellow photographers had to say about how they get hired.

Social Media No-No’s


You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

First impressions happen rapidly and are nearly eternal. It’s important to do your best in ensuring a great first impression. Changing a first impression is possible, but it’s best to avoid making these marketing mistakes in the first place. Below are some important practices to avoid:

1. Don’t neglect your community

Your fans expect that as a business, you’ll be responsive. If you get too busy for your community you’ll lose them and their potential business. Captivate your audience. Respond to comments and messages quickly. Allow your personality to shine through your message, allowing your community to see that you are a real person and they will respond in turn.

The Secret to Marketing


For Professional Photographers, Marketing has historically been a challenge.    If you asked a room full of photographers about Marketing, here’s what you might hear:

“I know having a great website is critical, but I never seem to have the time to update it on a regular basis”

“I do well with Facebook and Instagram, but do I really need to be on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google + and LinkedIn?”

“I feel like I spend more time and more $ on Marketing today than I did 5 years ago, yet the return on investment keeps dropping”

Sound familiar?