September’s Photo of the Month

He is no first-timer in wowing us with amazing photos. He has been previously featured here in the blog for Photo of the Month in July last year. (July 2013 Photo of the Month). Fourteen months later, he is back in the spotlight. 

Zookbinders Photo of the Month September 2014

Seppi Ramos and yet another one of his works of magic is Zookbinders Photo of the Month for September. Ask what his secret is, he has these words of wisdom: “I want photography to be my expression of personal rather than financial growth.”

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Why do we need to make photo albums?

There are about 136,000 photos uploaded every 60 seconds on Facebook according to social media trend reporter On the press page of, meanwhile, the social app counts around 60 million daily uploads. Photography these days is synonymous to social media.


For the priceless moments of your life, a wedding for example, why spend for a printed album when you just can click or tap and share away in seconds.

The question really is, why not?

While a lot of us prefer digital versions of our photos, there are still people who want pictures printed and compiled into a photobook. Username FolkRockLiberal shared on news aggregator Kinja his emotional connection to his printed photos. “There’s something about the physical copy that just seems right,” he said. While username SouthernGent wants to be safe, saying printed copies serve as his backups. “I want to have something just in case the grid goes down. You have seen “Revolution”, right?”

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Zookbinders Team accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

With more than $88.5 million collected donations as of August 26, there’s no doubt that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is 2014′s biggest social media activity. YouTube reports about 2.4 million videos have been uploaded as of this writing. The best thing about all the buzz is, it’s for a good cause!

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zookiepro System Updates

Recent system upgrades include enhanced visibility of revisions. Previously, once revision requests were forwarded on to the design team at Zookbinders, the photographers would not be able to view revision requests again.

With our most recent upgrade package, there is new visibility for all historical revision requests. You can find them by clicking on the order ID number. This delivers a page that has many useful pieces of information about the order; an uploader, should you need to deliver additional images to our designers; and now a link to view all revisions. Revision history includes all comments, the dates submitted and a thumbnail of the most recent page spread.

Revision History

Revision History2